DRC Will Deploy Second Ebola Vaccine in Mid-October, WHO Announces

drc will deploy second ebola vaccine in mid-october, who announces

As per the latest announcement of the WHO, the DRC will use the second vaccine, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Officials aim to deploy an experimental Ebola vaccine to cure threatened populations in the sectors that do not have active transmission of Ebola. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has a year-long struggle with the virus. Thus the vaccine might assist the country to carb the highly contagious disease. Currently, the DRC is using Merck-manufactured rVSV-ZEBOV-GP to safeguard people at high risk of contracting Ebola. Also, doctors are offering the…

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WeWork’s fiasco to threaten the rich and powerful of Silicon Valley

wework’s fiasco to threaten the rich and powerful of silicon valley

Silicon Valley is trying to blame WeWork for its demise but itself. Knives are designed for the most controversial investors of Silicon Valley. WeWork’s valuation plummeted and its CEO, Adam Neumann, was dismissed on Tuesday, which caused SoftBank to suffer new setbacks. The name of Softbank has become synonymous with whether or not Silicon Valley is indeed in the financial bubble. WeWork’s largest external shareholder, Softbank, is one of the thousands of investors who support Silicon Valley start-ups. However, no company can reshape the entire technology investment field like Softbank,…

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Google is unable to fix a problem with the latest android update

Android 10 version is now official and as we can see it only available on selected mobile phones like Google pixel and few other brands. Sources claim that Android 10 version is excellent in terms of protecting privacy. As we are in the age of android’s tenth version we are still facing the same problems as we were facing a few years ago. Every time these latest updates will be available for google devices, and for other versions, it becomes available after a few months and sometimes not. This time…

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Global warming, the main cause of intensifying Dorian

The Bahamas is a small country in the Carribean sea, and many people call it home. But, for many people in the US, it’s a dream getaway for vacation. But, the recent turn of events has made it a living hell. Hurricane Dorian is responsible for this enormous destruction, and the worst is yet to come. If we do not make peace with nature and confront the climate crisis, warming will turn our fantastic cities, landscapes we call paradise and other dream getaways into terrifying hellscapes. As of now, we…

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Sian, Lamborghini’s most powerful hybrid car

Lamborghini has revealed earlier this week that it would be launching its most super powerful hybrid car, the Sian. It would be officially making its debut in Frankfurt Auto Show, 2019. This would be the first hybrid car by the Italian carmaker. They have introduced Sian, which means “flash” or “lightning.” Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and also SUV’s. This company is owned by Volkswagen Group. This company was founded in the year 1963 to compete with companies like Ferrari. Sian would be Lamborghini’s…

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Discover of new mobile app that can effectively manage uncontrolled asthma

According to a recent study revealed that mobile app helps to manage asthma. This is done by measuring lung function and then giving feedback in the way of doctor-prescribed treatment. The patient suffering from uncontrolled asthma may frequently suffer from breathing difficulties. This asthma attacks or inappropriate management are due to incorrect use of medicines. As per the study conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden found that treatment is entirely based on lung function of humans. And symptoms can be easily tracked in a mobile phone by using…

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