Twitter Will Be Deleting Inactive Accounts from December

twitter will be deleting inactive accounts from december

If you had open your twitter account a long time ago and haven’t used it since then, you might want to do that because twitter is starting to delete all inactive accounts. The recent reports show that one of the most massive social media platforms twitter has decided to remove inactive members’ accounts from the start of December 2019. A spokesperson from Twitter said that the company would be deleting those accounts which have been sluggish from the last six months. If you want to save your mind, then don’t…

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Aramco Opens Door For Foreign Investors During Its IPO

aramco opens door for foreign investors during its ipo

Saudi Aramco, which is one of the largest companies in the world and most prominent in Saudi Arabia, is going public for the first time. The oil giant company is trying to make its IPO bigger than anyone’s expectations by allowing foreign investors to subscribe to its shares. Foreign investors who would rather have to comply with more rules and restrictions in Saudi Arabia might not face such an issue when they are investing their money into Saudi Aramco. The financial company which is taking responsibility for the IPO of…

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NASA’s Cassini Aircraft gives hope for the Life on Saturn’s moon ‘Titan.’

nasa’s cassini aircraft gives hope for the life on saturn’s moon ‘titan.’

Titan is the moon of Saturn planet. The data collected by NASA’s mission Cassini throws light on the possibility of life on Titan. The mission started on 15th October 1997 and ended a few years back. Data collected by radar and infrared along with this mission found, more immense plains and dunes of raw organic material, ponds of liquid methane. The mapping of Titan concerning the data explores a new vision of it. Material availability and some physical dimensions of the Titan gives an illusion. Research has found Titan as…

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CDC Discovers New Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs To Be More Deadly than Expected

cdc discovers new antibiotic-resistant superbugs to be more deadly than expected

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized two new superbugs, which can defy the effect of antibiotic drugs. It has infected 2.8 million people and caused 35000 deaths each year. The agency has found a diagnosis every 11 seconds and a death every 15 minutes on average due to the bugs. The CDC has said that there has been a twofold increase in the number of deaths due to drug-resistant infection as compared to the agency’s 2013 report. CDC director Robert Redfield said that the situation with…

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Authorities Approve Cannabis-Based Drugs For The First Time

authorities approve cannabis-based drugs for the first time

The National Health Service has approved two cannabis-based drugs to be used in Epilepsy and muscle spasms. Epidyloxe has been recommended for Lennox Gastaut and Dravet Syndromes, which are rare types of epilepsy. While Spray based Sativex has been approved for muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis. Both the medicines have been derived from the cannabis plant. The drugs follow the guidelines of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence as well. Both medicines have been developed in the UK. Many activists have welcomed the move. However, some campaigners who…

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Apple’s ad agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab went through a round of layoffs on Monday

Apple's ad agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab went through a round of layoffs on Monday

Apple’s advertising agency is laying off staff. A division of the Omnicom Group’s TBWA engages in Apple advertising, the Lab of Media Arts, fired several employees on Monday. The company denied to say how many people were fired, but Bloomberg’s first news report said the number was 50. TBWA / Media Art Lab spokesperson told in a CNBC statement on Tuesday that company’s bond with Apple is now very so strong, but as customer needs continue to change, we need to acclimate and continue to grow our team. Such a…

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Chick-fil-A Apologizes For Sending Mails To Customers To Celebrate National Sandwich Day

chick-fil-a apologizes for sending mails to customers to celebrate national sandwich day

Georgia-based chicken chain Chick-fil-A had plans to capitalize on National Sandwich Day and the marketing department even sent emails to some of its loyal customers. The email asked customers to order their favorite Chick-fil-A sandwich on November 3 for National Sandwich Day. This is a standard marketing strategy which most of the companies follow around such events. What all they need to do is to tie an action around it and create a sense of urgency. But the company apparently did not check the calendar while sending the emails to…

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