A place in the earth where you will find no life

A place in the earth where you will find no life

Life exists in the extreme environment of the earth, from the arid desert and from the icy tundra to the warmest exit of the deepest seabed. But new research shows that it cannot exist anywhere in the world, and scientists have found a place in Ethiopia that cannot see life. Unlike previous studies, scientists did some tests and discovered that Daroru had no experience or microbes. Darfur is one of the hardest environments on the planet. It contains boiling and salty acid. The basin extends into the crater of the Danakil Trough in Ethiopia, filled with salt, toxic gas, and boiling water to cope with extreme hydrothermal activity.

“After analyzing more samples than the previous work, we used well-calibrated methods to ensure that the samples were not contaminated. We have identified these salty and strongly acidic pools, there is no salt lake,” explains Purificación LópezGarcía, researcher and biologist at the French Scientific Research Center. “There are many basophilic archaea (basophils) in the salty valleys around the desert and the hydrothermal zones, but the basins of rich acids and salts rich in themselves are not rich in black and magnesium,” said Lopez Garcia, of Yellow Lake Darroru. “Despite this, under the influence of Aeolian and human tourists, the spread of microorganisms in this region is still strong.”

Astronomers say that even giant extraterrestrial planets around small stars do not yet exist. Astronomers say that even giant alien planets that can be seen around little stars do not even exist. The researchers performed large-scale sequencing of genetic markers to identify and classify microbes that may be present, as well as determine the physiological chemistry of microbial cultures, electron microscopy, and X-ray spectroscopy to detect the number of cells in individual cells. Combined Researchers say at first sight that silica-rich minerals will likely mimic microbial cells. But their analysis clearly shows the difference. “In other studies, in addition to samples that may contaminate adjacent bacteria, these mineral particles could be interpreted as fossil cells, but they form naturally in saltwater, even without life.”

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