Apple to Manufacture and Use self-made 5G Modems in Upcoming Smartphones

apple to manufacture and use self-made 5g modems in upcoming smartphones

Apple’s reliance on Qualcomm is very high, as Qualcomm provides the network connectivity modems and other chipsets to the company. Ending its quarrel with Qualcomm and business relations with Intel’s modem business, Apple is ready to start manufacturing its chipset. With the acquisition of the Modem business from Intel, the company is developing the 5G modems for 5G network connectivity in the upcoming devices. According to the reports, Apple aims to start using the self-made 5G modems in the iPhone and iPad devices by 2022. The move would end its dependence on the chipsets provided by Qualcomm.

Apple likes to have full control of the hardware and software of smartphones and computers. But with the dependency on the Qualcomm chipset and previously Intel chipsets, the devices will have no proper optimization to the network. That’s why Apple ended the legal battle with Qualcomm and bought Intel’s Modem business in April. As Apple loves full control over hardware and software, the development has started in the acquired Modem Business from Intel. The company is developing its 5G connectivity modems and will introduce the same in the coming years. The expected launch of the devices with self-made 5G chips is anytime in 2022.

That does not mean that Apple is not going to launch a 5G enabled iPhone in the market. Apple is still contracted to Qualcomm, and the 5G-supported Snapdragon chipset is going to be used in the upcoming devices. From the recent reports, Apple will launch the new 5G enabled iPhone in the market by the first quarter of the next year. Apple holds the expertise in Chip development, but the chips would need rigorous testing before being used in the iPhone and iPad devices. That’s why 2022 is a realistic launch window considering the development, manufacturing, and testing phase required for the connectivity modems.

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