Apple’s ad agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab went through a round of layoffs on Monday

Apple's ad agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab went through a round of layoffs on Monday

Apple’s advertising agency is laying off staff. A division of the Omnicom Group’s TBWA engages in Apple advertising, the Lab of Media Arts, fired several employees on Monday. The company denied to say how many people were fired, but Bloomberg’s first news report said the number was 50. TBWA / Media Art Lab spokesperson told in a CNBC statement on Tuesday that company’s bond with Apple is now very so strong, but as customer needs continue to change, we need to acclimate and continue to grow our team. Such a decision is by no means an easy task and cannot be easily taken, but unfortunately, this is the way of the business in advertising. The company is very grateful to the many people who left us with their contributions and their impact on MAL and work.

Apple, a technology company, has decades of partnership with Omnicom Group’s agency, TBWA, the classical “1984” commercial advertising agency that launched the first personal Macintosh of Apple and also “Thinks Different.” TBWA created the TBWA/Media Art Lab in 2006 as a custom creative agency for Apple. Lee Clow is the close friend of Steve Jobs and founder of lab of Media Art, officially retired at the starting of this year. At the same time, Apple’s internal creative operations team, which has often been praised, has been increasing its team from few months ago, the company appointed the chief creative person and creative star of the Publicis Group, Nick Law. According to Nick Law’s LinkedIn profile, he is currently the vice president of the company’s “Marcom Integration.”

At the time, Apple is marketing a range of new products and services, from Apple TV + to its new brand of credit cards. According to Adweek’s May report, the Lab of Media Arts hired the agency’s executive creative director at the headquarters of Los Angeles to administer the iPhone’s creativity and include Apple TV +, Apple Music and Apple Pay. Within the service. A few years ago, Apple began to build its in-house stores, which was part of a wider trend in which marketers taking advertising tasks in-house to acquire control or save money.

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