AT&T Has Launched Low band 5G Network To All in Ten Cities

AT&T Has Launched Low band 5G Network To All in Ten Cities

After so much time spent in waiting, AT&T has finally launched its real 5G networks in ten cities. This means the service from AT&T would be made available for every user who can afford a 5G-enabled phone there. It was only available for selected business partners before. The company is launching its low-band 5G network and this may not be as fast as the actual mmWave 5G, which packs the highest speeds. The band launched in the ten cities is the actual 5G, which offers better speeds than LTE, but lower than what is capable by the mmWave 5G.

AT&T has been talking about 5G networks for quite some time, and it had talked also about the three bands that would be used in the network. These three bands are 5GE, 5G and 5G+, the first of which is actually an enhanced form of LTE and not technically 5G network. 5G is the normal 5G network and that is being rolled out at this point. This band would be offering higher 5G speeds, but the speeds may not be revolutionary as such. However, mmWave 5G is being rolled out in cities, but this band is prone to physical distance. However, the 5G+ band is now available for select business partners only.

Despite the limitations, the 5G network that has now been launched will be actually usable by customers. It is better than the fake 5G that is labelled as 5GE and the mmWave 5G that is quite limited now. The firm has also started selling the 5G version of its Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which should be able to use all the bands of 5G network options that are from the carrier. Whether the palns from AT&T are able to make it to the users is another question though.

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