CDC Discovers New Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs To Be More Deadly than Expected

cdc discovers new antibiotic-resistant superbugs to be more deadly than expected

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized two new superbugs, which can defy the effect of antibiotic drugs. It has infected 2.8 million people and caused 35000 deaths each year. The agency has found a diagnosis every 11 seconds and a death every 15 minutes on average due to the bugs. The CDC has said that there has been a twofold increase in the number of deaths due to drug-resistant infection as compared to the agency’s 2013 report. CDC director Robert Redfield said that the situation with drug-resistant bugs could be called as the Post Antibiotic Era. The latest report has established a new baseline of the deaths due to antibiotic defiant germs. The officials have said that emerging threat is a serious matter of concern.

CDC officials have expressed their concern over the rising number of infections due to medicine-resistant bugs in the United States. They have said that health officials need to take efforts to prevent such infections in health care facilities. We should promote the responsible usage of antibiotics in humans and animals to halt the spread of dangerous germs. CDC has found out 18 bacteria and fungi, which need to be closely monitored by public health officials. Five bugs out of 18 have been termed as ‘urgent threats’. These urgent threats include two emerging bugs, Candida Auris and Carbapenem. Candida Auris, which is a drug-resistant fungus, started transmitting among hospital and nursing home patients in the US. Carbapenem, a defiant germ can cause pneumonia and other deadly infections in the intensive care units. The other three threats are Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Gonorrhea, and Clostridioides Difficile, commonly known as C. Diff.

The tally of deaths and infections can increase drastically with C. Diff infection. This germ is less resistant to medicines. However, it can cause severe diarrhea in people who are on antibiotic drugs. Around 12800 people have died due to this germ. Then deadly germ has infected almost 223000 people in 2017. The officials have issued a watch list of three deadly germs, which have the potential to cause significant infections and deaths in the US. As per the report, 162000 Americans are likely to die each year due to such infections. The authorities have said that there is an urgent need to devise programs to slow down the threat. Heightened awareness among health providers can prove to be a good way to fight the deadly superbugs.

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