CDC Says Regular Use Of Skin Lightening Creams Can Damage The Nervous System

CDC Says Regular Use Of Skin Lightening Creams Can Damage The Nervous System

A Mexican skin lightening cream, which has high mercury content, has damaged a women’s central nervous system. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a case study and found out that the cream has a type of organic mercury called methylmercury, which has caused severe nerve damage to the woman. It is the first case of mercury poisoning in the US in the last 50 years. It has taken several weeks to heal the nerve damage of the woman after the initial hospitalization. The woman is being fed through a tube to maintain her nutritional support.  She has been unable to speak or take care of herself all these while. The family of the woman has informed the doctors that she has been using this fairness cream two times a day for the last 7 years.

As per the experts, these fairness creams intentionally contain inorganic mercury. However, in this case, the manufacturer of the skin lightening cream has used organic mercury, which is more toxic.  Organic mercury can cause severe harm to the central nervous system of the people. Even if the person stops using it, the damage remains the same.  In this case, the woman reached out for medical help when she experienced some involuntary muscle movement.  Later she started to experience blurry vision, difficulty in breathing and speaking and took outpatients-care at the hospital. Her blood tests and other screenings have confirmed that she has been suffering from severe mercury poisoning.

Health professionals have confirmed that central nervous system toxicity is the result of organic mercury in this case. It usually shows up after weeks or months of exposure. Once it shows up, it rapidly progresses and often worsens the condition even after the removal of further exposure.  Health officials have said that it requires modified treatment facilities to deal with methylmercury poisoning.  According to doctors, consumers need to be vigilant to protect themselves from mercury poisoning. They have said consumers usually buy these fairness creams without cross-checking its protective foil seal attached to its lid.  The officials have urged people to buy these products only after checking this seal.

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