China Trade Talks Set Have Set To Resume On October 10

china trade talks set have set to resume on october 10

The ongoing trade war tension between two large countries, the US and China are getting slow down. Because both countries officials have decided to meet for a trade talk again. The US and China have indulged themselves in a trade war for a long time, and it’s affecting both countries economy. Now a recent report shows that US-China has decided to give another chance to trade talk. Both countries officials will be meeting to discuss trade issues which they are facing for a long time.

The meeting is scheduled to be held in between October 10-11 at Washington, DC. Experts predict that Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will be in this trade talks along with other delegates to discuss the current economic conditions with US officials. Trump administration is trying to get ahead in this trade war, and they have earlier mentioned about other trade talks happening. President Trump had been hard on Chinese businesses since he had put such a hefty amount of taxes on Chinese goods and services.

As of now, White House hasn’t responded to this news officially, but things are going well with the Asian country. Trump earlier mentioned that he is going to postpone the idea of imposing more taxes on Chinese goods and services. The main concerning reason for Trump to start this trade war was the vast amount of trade deficits and intellectual property theft done by Chinese companies. Trump said that he is ready to have a trade deal if Chinese delegates agreed with the terms and conditions. So far, the Chinese economy has gotten the hit because of the ongoing trade tensions, and that’s creating lots of problems for its domestic businesses. Upcoming trade talk will play a significant role in Chinese economy.

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