Discover of new mobile app that can effectively manage uncontrolled asthma

According to a recent study revealed that mobile app helps to manage asthma. This is done by measuring lung function and then giving feedback in the way of doctor-prescribed treatment. The patient suffering from uncontrolled asthma may frequently suffer from breathing difficulties. This asthma attacks or inappropriate management are due to incorrect use of medicines. As per the study conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden found that treatment is entirely based on lung function of humans. And symptoms can be easily tracked in a mobile phone by using an effective tool to manage uncontrolled asthma.

According to a paper published in European Respiratory Journal, fuss-free measuring of lung function is carried out via connecting phone to a wireless spirometer. The app can register respiratory indication and symptoms. Also can provide visual feedback on treatment. The system is called Asthma Tuner. This is used to analyses and record functions of lung and symptoms. Asthma is the most common and chronic disease. It affects people of all ages as well as significantly affecting the life of the patient. This may result in poor quality of life and life-threatening attacks. Approximately 5 to 10% of patients are estimated to suffer from severe asthma. Nearly 1 to 2% have severe treatment-resistant or refractory asthma.

The users obtain an image of the inhaler, which used for instruction on whether the medication is to be maintained, increased, or decreased. The study comprised of nearly 77 uncontrolled asthma patients suffering above the aged of six. Around half of these were children and adolescents out of 77. Mr Nordlund said that asthma symptoms improved more with the digital tool as compared to traditional machine. Adult patients who are using the device at least once a week are more often remembered to administer their medicines on time. An is beneficial to manage asthma treatment effectively.

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