Fortnite’s black hole has closed

fortnite’s black hole has closed

After about a day and a half, Fortnite’s black hole was over. Although a big event is expected to happen, the server was only offline. Around 4 am as per Eastern time, while thousands of people around the world staring at the rotating black hole, and the game suddenly flashed the loading screen and displayed a message: “The Fortnite server is currently under maintenance. Please try again later.” These servers are currently read as “offline” and are probably under maintenance for the next season.

In the normal Fortnite season, this is fairly standard: Developer Epic takes the game offline between 4 am and 6 am to update the content. People are not surprised to see that there will be downtime here. People are very happy that there soon will be launching a new season. But after all the waiting and social media blackouts around the black hole, it made people feel anticlimactic. Some people on Twitter said that the new movie trailer was played for them in the lobby, but some people were unable to access it because they pressed the “Restart” button to take them out of the game that is currently being updated.

After the end of this large season, Fortnite turned into a spinning black hole from a weird character and a 10-year-old teammate. Confused players worked together to decode mysterious numbers, play a hidden mini-game, speculative entertainment, and spent more than 35 hours staring at the screen saver. Finally, people got rid of the dilemma, and people are getting a new Fortnite season. There have been hints for new maps, and a hypothetical leaked combat pass trailer shows possible new weapons, new upgrades, and new things. When the game comes back online, people will see the new world of Fortnite. The new season is called Chapter 2 and it has 13 new locations. There is a new battle pass that includes “a new XP system and medals that can be won in the game.”

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