Global warming, the main cause of intensifying Dorian

The Bahamas is a small country in the Carribean sea, and many people call it home. But, for many people in the US, it’s a dream getaway for vacation. But, the recent turn of events has made it a living hell. Hurricane Dorian is responsible for this enormous destruction, and the worst is yet to come.

If we do not make peace with nature and confront the climate crisis, warming will turn our fantastic cities, landscapes we call paradise and other dream getaways into terrifying hellscapes. As of now, we do not know to what extent the hurricane Dorian was worsened by climate change. But, we do know that global warming increased its intensity. Dorian is the strongest hurricane ever to hit the Bahamas. It is also the strongest recorded landfalling storms in the Atlantic ocean. This is the second category 5 hurricane in Florida within one year.

According to basic physics, a hurricane intensifies in warm waters. If Dorian had occurred before all the warming caused by carbon dumping, the intensity wouldn’t have been so much. But, the pollution from the past 150 years has increased the temperature of ocean water by more than one degree. This strengthened the hurricane Dorian made it a category 5 hurricane. The destructive potential is directly proportional to the cube of the wind velocity, that is equivalent to a 23% increment in wind damage. We witnessed that wind damage in the distressing scenes of total destruction that have come in from the Bahamas. The amount of ocean and seawater has increased due to the melting of glaciers and ice globally. The moisture level has increased due to increased temperatures. This moisture turns into torrential rains during storms like Dorian. When such storms make landfall, they bring all the ocean and seawater with them, bolstering the damage. This water is the main cause that causes fatalities and not the strong winds. Although Dorian’s strong winds (220mph) did quite a lot of damage, more than 20 feet of torrential rain and storm surge was more devastating elements.

If the climate crisis is not addressed in time, and if humanity does not act accordingly, then storms like Dorian will become consistent.

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