Google is unable to fix a problem with the latest android update

Android 10 version is now official and as we can see it only available on selected mobile phones like Google pixel and few other brands. Sources claim that Android 10 version is excellent in terms of protecting privacy. As we are in the age of android’s tenth version we are still facing the same problems as we were facing a few years ago. Every time these latest updates will be available for google devices, and for other versions, it becomes available after a few months and sometimes not. This time some of the updates will be available via play store. However, this is not what people are eyeing for; they are looking forward to having significant updates and changes.

There is an open-source called android and generally is separate from Google. Some of the brands put on minor customization and these customization are easy to move from one version to another. After that, users need to verify that these updates won’t create any challenges with their network. Some critics say that android is different from google what they meant is google controls android. It can control the entire ecosystems since it has control of the play store and also it makes popular apps like google chrome, Gmail and many more. In other words, Google has two levers, one is technical lever, and other is a policy lever.

Google can go and jam these two levers, but it will cause fragmentation at a higher level. If google gets shrill with android and its play store policies then it is more likely that individual companies will say forget android. It will be just like what Amazon did with its fire tablet, and that would be a disaster for Google. It shouldn’t be this way. For example Microsoft has created an ecosystem of many manufacturers but never had a firm hand when it comes to updates for Windows Phone.

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