NASA Shares the Map of Water on Mars

NASA Shares the Map of Water on Mars

NASA is getting ready to send the humans on Moon and Mars. With the latest mission undergoing to send the humans on Mars, the agency has shared the vital map of the water presence on Mars. NASA has found a few ideal spots for landing the spacecraft on the surface of the mars, which may have the water presence. With the spots having water underneath the surface in ice form, it’d be more comfortable for the astronauts to explore and perform the experiments on the surface of Mars.

In the Lunar Mission, NASA Astronauts have bought the rocks from the Moon to Earth for further study. This time, NASA aims to bring the Water or the Ice along with the stones and dust. NASA is planning to perform the SITU resource Utilization technique to analyze and calculate the possibility of harvesting the necessary resources and the material for human colonization. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars Odyssey Orbiter has collected ample data that shows the water deposits beneath the surface of the mars. NASA is planning to land right above the water deposits to get an easy hold on the resources for calculating the possibility of colonization.

In the water map shared by NASA, we can spot the water deposits in the form of a Color/thermal gradient. The warmer spots on the surface denote the deep sediments of the water, and cooler places indicate the water presence near the surface of the planet. Amongst all of the spots, only Arcadia Planitia is the spot that is considered as superior for landing, as it has the right amount of flat surface and the water deposits near the surface. As of now, this map is just made for the analytical purpose, as NASA is still busy refining the Space Launch System rocket, which will take the astronauts on Mars and bring them back on the Earth.

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