Pancreatic cancer can be treated in 14 days by injecting PJ34 molecule

pancreatic cancer can be treated in 14 days by injecting pj34 molecule

Tel Aviv University develops a new treatment to eradicate the number of pancreatic cancer cells by injecting a PJ34 molecule for two weeks daily. This treatment approximately destroys pancreatic cancer cells up to 90%. Pancreatic cancers are treated depending on stages and how long it has spread into the patient’s body. Health research survey says that people who have pancreatic cancer cannot live for more than five years. The fourth leading cause of cancer death is pancreatic cancer. So it must be cured with the most effective treatment. The current treatment of pancreatic cancer includes surgery, radiation therapy, four chemotherapies, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

The study found that injection of the PJ34 molecule in a patient’s body leads to the self-destruction of cancer cells. This treatment is very effective during the mitosis process of cell division in the patient’s body. Xenotransplantation was used to study the effect of PJ34 injection. Xenotransplantation is a process in which human pancreatic cancer cells were injected in mice for research activities. This experiment was carried daily for approximately 14 days and found that the tumor completely disappeared from one mouse. Researchers found that the PJ34 molecule, when injected into healthy cells, had no adverse effect on the human body. Pancreatic cancer in Israel was treated with the CPI-613 trial, which is the name of the drug developed by Rafael pharmaceuticals.

The health survey conducted in the US estimated that by 2030, pancreatic cancer would be the second leading cause of cancer death. Israel researchers said that lack of early detection tests might be a reason for pancreatic death in large numbers of population. People are becoming aware of pancreatic cancer at an advanced or critical stage. The survival period for people diagnosed and untreated pancreatic cancer is about 3-4 months.

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