School shuts down: Pupils are sick due to Norovirus outbreak

school shuts down: pupils are sick due to norovirus outbreak

A school of Northern Ireland was shut down for the whole week due to the Norovirus outbreak, which results in attendance downfall. Many schools across Northern Ireland had to close for deep cleans following norovirus outbreaks that have affected hundreds. On Wednesday, the board of trustees confirmed they had decided for four school closures. But many schools stated that higher numbers of students had been affected.

Principal Matthew Pitts said that in our school out of around 1600 students, almost 50% were sick. The majority of schools have been facing the same issue. So, it was decided to cancel two sports activities. Mr. Pitts had a word with another principal and discussed that they had not seen anything like this in the past ten years. Mr. Pitts has posted a statement on the school website: “Due to these harmful conditions we have decided to close the school for this week. Attendance is also very less, and we need to send some more students to home. So we will remain closed on Friday also. On 2nd December, we will reopen the school.”

  • On Monday, the school have scheduled 11th and 12th standard exams. The school had made changes in food available for 11th and 12th Only on exams, students have to come to school.
  • All Key Stage Three (KS3) and Key Stage Five (KS5) students will stay at home on Monday for preparations as their exams are commenced on Tuesday.

Because of this virus, please follow the guidelines about waiting 48 hours before sending children to school. Due to illness, if a child will be absent for an exam, then don’t worry. The school will assume their Christmas assessment grades, which reverse back their entire term’s work. Student’s health is most important for school. The school committee knows this isn’t perfect and regret the inconvenience. But the school also doesn’t have any other alternate options for this situation. Thanks in advance for the parents’ patience and forgiving.

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