Twitter Will Be Deleting Inactive Accounts from December

twitter will be deleting inactive accounts from december

If you had open your twitter account a long time ago and haven’t used it since then, you might want to do that because twitter is starting to delete all inactive accounts. The recent reports show that one of the most massive social media platforms twitter has decided to remove inactive members’ accounts from the start of December 2019. A spokesperson from Twitter said that the company would be deleting those accounts which have been sluggish from the last six months.

If you want to save your mind, then don’t try to post anything random instead sign in and be active for some time. There is no need to take the active part on twitter if you are not interested because only those accounts will be no longer in existence, which hasn’t made a sign in from the last half-year. This decision has been taken to make the social media platform great again by deleting all unnecessary accounts which are not adding anything productive to the overall site.

Twitter did not officially say the exact reason, but they release a tagline for it, which is “present more accurate credible information.” Twitter is trying to increase the source and credibility of information shared by accounts on twitter to be more accurate by removing all unnecessary accounts. This move will help many users who daily use twitter for various purposes; however, it could become hard for those people who spam on social media platforms using fake accounts. Even though it has many benefits, there are still some old accounts of deceased people who became inactive and now will be getting deleted because of this new norm. Users might not see early memories of loved ones since their accounts will be getting canceled because of inactivity. Still, overall, Twitter users have positively supported this move of the company.

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